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The bank that thrives in times of recession

February 8, 2013

No obscene bonuses for these dedicated bankers. A recent IDS study has highlighted the rise in the number of food banks and the numbers of people using them in high income countries, an alarming 12% of the population in the United States. It is estimated there are ‘218 operational food banks in 17 countries in Europe. Last year 289,000 tons of food products with an estimated value of €610 million were distributed by 26,000 charities’. There are two food banks in Ireland, one in Dublin, the other in Belfast and it is estimated that 2% of the population utilises the services of a food bank. I would imagine that this is a fairly conservative figure and that many other organisations and charities are providing food safety nets of one kind or another especially in rural areas. Granted they might not meet the criteria of what constitues a formal food bank, but formal or informal it all counts in hard times.

Would be interested in hearing from anyone actively invloved in this important work.


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