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Food security, hunger, what if?

February 3, 2013

In the run up to the next G8 Summit in Fermanagh in July more than 100 charities and organizations have got together to launch the ‘Enough Food If’ campain in an attempt to revive the momentum of the Make Poverty History campaign. But will it make much difference?  Its a big if. Here’s Lawrence Haddad of IDS take on the campaign and its prospects. For organisations like  War on Want, for whom ‘food sovereignty – giving farmers control over what they grow and how they grow it, rather than being controlled by agribusiness and commodity speculators – is the only way to develop food security’ it is a much more structural and intractable problem. This coincides with a couple of other short articles on the current food security debate which revives the seasoned optimists and pessimists argument. Fred Pearce has a short piece on the CG Agriculture and Ecosystems Blog  saying  ‘feeding the world is easy.  The panic about the ability of the world to deliver enough food for seven, eight, nine or even ten billion people is absurd.  Worse, it is driving the agenda of aggressive land-grabbers and agribusinesses — pushing farming into the hands of global commerce’, a case more forcefully put by Frances Moore Lappe in a recent Journal of Peasant Studies article.

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