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The state of Ireland’s biodiversity published

December 15, 2011

Somehow I missed the news release which accompanied publication by the National Biodiversity Data Centre of Ireland’s first ever inventory of the country’s biodiversity in a report entitled “State of Knowledge, Ireland’s Biodiversity 2010”. While never specifically referring to agricultural biodiversity it does highlight its importance to the national economy, for example, the Euro 80 million which pollinators alone contribute of an overall total for biodiversity of Euro 2.6 billion. The report does highlight some important knowledge gaps such as the need for a national soil biodiversity monitoring programme.

What might be of interest in relation to this is that the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, in adopting its Multi-Year Programme of Work earlier this year, has requested the FAO to prepare and present the first ever report on The State of the World’s Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture which is expected to be published in 2017. I assume that Ireland, like all member countries, will be expected to produce a country report as the basis for this, similar to the national process followed for earlier state of the world reports on plant and animal genetic resources. There would appear to be much by way of content and process involved in developing Ireland’s first inventory of biodiversity which could feed into the process for developing a national report on the status of biodiversity specifically important for food and agriculture in the country.

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