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December 6, 2011

Aidan Keith of UCD is among the authors of a new paper on the distribution of earthworms in the British Isles which highlights major differences in records of 28 earthworm species north and south of the border. While the south had the second highest number of records, the north had the lowest, 1,246 compared to 12. Of the 28 earthworm species surveyed only 8 had records for the north, compared to 25 for the south.

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  1. Aidan Keith permalink
    December 7, 2011 9:54 pm


    since this paper was submitted the database of Irish earthworm records which i maintain has been expanded to include some 800 records covering 15 species from Northern Ireland (courtesy of Dr Archie Murchie, AFBI, Belfast, and past colleagues).

    I am in the process of integrating these but updated maps of earthworm species should be available on the mapping services of the National Biodiversity Database website ( by the first few months of next year.

    Kind regards,
    Aidan Keith

  2. December 7, 2011 10:37 pm

    Aidan, many thanks for taking time to reply. I did have a quick browse around the National Biodviersity Database website after reading the paper. Is your database online? Would be useful if you could flag any relevant web-based materials for Irish earthworms. And please do keep me posted once the National Biodiversity Database is updated.

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