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Nuggets, snippets and linkages to Pavlovsk

December 17, 2010

Just received my regular copy of the Irish Seed Saver. Engaging and interesting as ever, full of lots of nuggets and snippets. Among these I was interested to read about the apple descriptor and other work that ISSA is helping the Department of Agriculture undertake, which will all be available soon in a book, Heritage Irish Apples. I hope it covers the 140 or so apples in the Capparoe collection. It is supposed to be a contribution to Ireland’s celebration of the ‘Year of Biodiversity’, so it is probably already out. I suggest you order a copy and put your feet up for a good read over Christmas with Tommy Hayes new CD/DVD Apples in Winter playing the background and maybe with a glass of Magners or two. What intrigued me most in the newsletter was the link between ISSA and Pavlovsk, the currently threatened genebank. Apparently many of the Irish crops now with the ISSA came from being stored in that collection. That is something I would certainly like to know more about. Anyone?

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