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Satoyama showcases the Burren landscape

February 18, 2010

The Satoyama Initiative is a global effort, just launched,  aimed at safeguarding biocultural diversity through protection of traditional production landscapes—and the sustainable practices and knowledge they represent—many of which are increasingly threatened in many parts of the world. The areas targeted by the Satoyama Initiative are landscapes that have been formed through human habitation and activities such as agriculture and forestry over many years.

Showing a bit of initiative themselves the folks at BurrenLife have contributed a case study (BurrenLife – farming for conservation in the Burren) which is now part of a general information paper on the Satoyama Initiative. Great to see a case study from Ireland among the rich diversity of globally important landscapes and hopefully the Burren will be prominent when the Satoyama roadshow rolls into Nagoya for the  COP 10 of the CBD.

If anyone is interested in seeing a visual presentation of what Satoyama is all about, and where the Burren landscape fits in, just go to the recent Trondheim Conference on Biodiversity website, scroll down and click on the link to the presentation, The Satoyama Initiative – Advancing socio-ecological production landscapes for the benefit of biodiversity and human wellbeing.

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